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SmartForms are the perfect fit for Nintex workflows, but complex SmartForms can be rather difficult to debug. SmartForm Assistant gets under the hood and allows you to see what’s going on – what events and actions are being executed and in what order. It does this without any changes to your form or view.

You can see the rules, parameters and data fields, plus watch as SmartObjects are executed by the form and see when data returns. If a SmartObject calls fails, execution will halt but you’ll know where it failed and what parameters were sent to the fatal call. This makes finding a SmartObject error effortless. Plus it’s easy to see those pesky message boxes you forgot about.

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SFA is a Chrome extension that interacts with the runtime environment of a K2 form. It performs three functions.

  • Displays the run-time version of rules and actions
  • Displays a data explorer which drills down to
    • Parameter values
    • Data Labels
      • Display and updates data labels
    • Expressions
    • Fields
  • Displays actions and smartobject calls as they are being executed

Part of the Assistant’s appeal is it’s great simplicity. Once installed as an extension in Chrome, no further changes are required. It shows in your browser where ever you use the browser. No changes are required to a K2 form, which lets you use it at any moment.

Parameters And Fields