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Transform the way you debug Nintex Smartforms.


Transform the way you debug K2 SmartForms.

Mac showing SmartForm

Key Features

Parameters and Data Labels

View the parameters and data labels, including hidden labels. Data labels are updatable at run time.


Displays the run time rules and actions, down to the settings, of the current form or view. These are keyboard navigable and searchable.

Real time events

View events and actions in real time as the form or view executes them.

Unravel the complex thread of events
and actions

Following the chain of events and actions on a complex form is exceptionally difficult.

The Smartform Assistant revolutionises your debugging efforts by showing you these events as they occur. Also see SmartObject calls and their response in the list of events.



Ordered Events

Untangle the maze of events as they appear in the events panel.

Keyboard Navigable

The interface is keyboard friendly, no endless mouse clicking.

Expandable Rules

Easily naviagte all rules down to the configuration on the same screen.


Quickly search and find text in rules, parameters or events.

No Modifications

Inspect any SmartForm without modification to the form.

No Configuration

The Assistant requires no configuration.

Supported Browsers

The Assistant works in most Chromium based browsers.